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Railroad Safety Trail Class I Connection to Laurel/Orcutt - COUNCIL NOTE

Project wraps up, April 2017

Post Date:05/04/2017 9:00 AM

Construction of a Class I shared bicycle/pedestrian path along Orcutt Road connecting the Railroad Safety Trail (RRST) to Laurel Lane has been completed. This project provides a 10-foot wide sidepath (plus a 2.5-foot buffer between the path and street) between the southern terminus of the RRST and the Orcutt Road/Laurel Lane intersection. In addition, the project included the installation of bicycle loop detection at the Orcutt Road/Laurel Lane traffic signal, providing bicyclists with a hands-free method to activate the bicycle signal phase when crossing the intersection. The intent of this project is to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians crossing Orcutt Road, and to pave the way for the future extension of the RRST south to Tank Farm Road.


This project is a component of the $400,000 allocated towards implementing Bicycle Transportation Plan projects as part of the 2015-17 Capital Improvement Plan and is funded by the local sales tax Measure G. The final cost of the project was $150,130.


1_Before ConstructionResize      5_CompletedResize

Before                                                                                                                   After



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