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Chevron Tank Farm Remediation and Development Project  

Chevron is proposing remediation and development on the 332-acre former tank farm property surrounding Tank Farm Road north of the airport. The tank farm was decommissioned in the 1990's and is now substantially vacant. Chevron is proposing remediation of the property which will include several activities expected to occur over a 3-year period: demolishing existing buildings, excavating top soil, site re-contouring, and capping. The remediation is intended to address crude oil contamination from the 1926 fire and other contamination resulting from operation of the tank farm. Following the remediation project, approximately 250 acres of the property would be placed in permanent open space.

Chevron is also proposing  to prepare portions of the property for  the future development of business park and service-commercial uses. Up to 15 acres may also be reserved for a recreation area. Proposed development would occur in several phases over a 25 year period. Chevron is proposing a development agreement with the City which would provide reimbursement and “freezing” of certain development fees in exchange for construction of area wide infrastructure. The project site is currently within the County of San Luis Obispo but is within the City's sphere of Influence and is designated for development in the Airport Area Specific Plan (AASP).

Public Meetings

The City Council approved amendments to the Airport Area Specific Plan and Certified the Final EIR at their regular hearing on  September 2, 2014. A final draft of the Airport Area Specific Plan is available here:


Future hearings will be scheduled to review the proposed tentative map to subdivide the Chevron property and to consider the annexation of the Chevron property into the City. The County of San Luis Obispo is currently reviewing a use permit to review the remediation project. A hearing with the County Planning Commission to review the remediation project is scheduled for October 23, 2014 at the County Board of Supervisor's Chambers (1055 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo).

Click below to review the Final EIR.

Final Environmental Impact Report


Printed copies of the EIR or a CD are also available at the City of San Luis Obispo Community Development Department at 919 Palm Street San Luis Obispo, or at the Environmental Division of the County of San Luis Obispo Planning Department located at 976 Osos Street. Copies are also available at the San Luis Obispo public library. 


Project Exhibits, Plans and other Documents


Project site

Existing affected areas

Remediation areas

Existing AASP Zoning

Project Development Plan

Proposed AASP Zoning and Bike Paths

Phasing Plan

Updated Human Health Risk Assessment 2013


Tract Map Plans

C-1, Title Sheet

C-2, Boundary and Phasing Plan

C-3, Phased Vesting Tentative Tract Map

C-4, Phased Vesting Tentative Tract Map

C-5, Preliminary Grading and Drainage Plan

C-6, Preliminary Grading and Drainage Plan

C-7, Road Section Transitioning Details

C-8, Constraints Map


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