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Unified General Plan

The City's General Plan has been reformatted and reorganized to make it easier to find, compare, and update policies and programs. It does not change Council adopted policy; however many policies and programs have been renumbered for a more consistent format and appearance. Due to the document's large size, the chapters and large maps are included as separate files to make them easier to download and use. We hope you like the General Plan's new look and organization. For questions or help accessing the files, contact Community Development at (805) 781-7170

Mission Statement

Credits and Element Adoption Dates

Table of Contents

Chapter 1-Land Use
Chapter 2-Circulation
Chapter 3-Housing

    Supporting Information (Appendices A-O)
Chapter 4-Noise
Chapter 5-Safety
Chapter 6-Conservation and Open Space
Chapter 7-Parks and Recreation
Chapter 8-Water and Wastewater
Chapter 9-Glossary

Full Size Figures (Higher Resolution)

 -Figure 2. Streets Classification

Conservation and Open Space
 -Figure 1. Cultural Resources
 -Figure 2. Species of Local Concern
 -Figure 3. Wildlife Corridors
 -Figure 4. Creek Setbacks
 -Figure 5. Greenbelt Boundaries
 -Figure 6. Open Space
 -Figure 7. Habitat Types
 -Figure 9. Creeks
 -Figure 10. Prime Agricultural Soils
 -Figure 11. Scenic Roadways and Vistas

 -Figure 4. Northern Section of San Luis Obispo
 -Figure 4. Southern Section of San Luis Obispo
 -Figure 5. Northern Section of San Luis Obispo
 -Figure 5. Southern Section of San Luis Obispo
 -Figure 6. Airport Noise Contours

Noise Guidebook (2.06 mb, pdf)
This guidebook is intended to be used in conjunction with the City's General Plan Noise Element.  It provides standard noise mitigation packages which project designers may use to reduce indoor or outdoor noise exposure by specified amounts to meet the standards of the City's Noise Element .

Parks and Recreation
 -Parks and Recreation Facilities

 -Figure 7. Airport Hazards
 -Earthquake Faults (local area)
 -Earthquake Faults (regional)
 -Flood Hazards
 -Ground shaking and Landslide Hazards
 -Power lines and Power plant
 -Wild Land Fire Hazard

Supplemental Info
Technical Appendices

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