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South Broad Street Area Plan

The South Broad Street Area Plan was recently adopted along with the City Councilís December 2, 2014 approval of the Land Use and Circulation Element Update Project. The Plan implements General Plan policies for the area to create a safe, attractive and economically vital neighborhood with a mix of complementary land uses. In order to implement these goals, the Plan provides for higher density infill housing, mixed uses, innovative design concepts, neighborhood serving uses, and small scale retail and office uses. The South Broad Street Plan also provides for the protection of existing service and manufacturing uses.

Over the next 20 years, the Area Plan calls for:

  • Approximately 355 new dwellings,

  • 330,000 square feet of commercial space,

  • Architectural character that relates to the area history, and

  • Walkable and accessible streets and public spaces

South Broad Street Area Plan Final

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