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Economic Development

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Economic Development Program
The San Luis Obispo Economic Development Program is responsible for implementing the economic development policies of the City Council enumerated in the City's Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP). Lee Johnson serves as the Economic Development Manager for the City of San Luis Obispo.  Economic development services include:

  • Business retention and expansion assistance
  • Targeted business recruitment program
  • Site selection assistance for new and existing businesses
  • Quick Response Team for timely processing of permits, providing development review strategies and identifying potential issues and their solutions and
  • County, Regional, and State programs through the SLO Economic Vitality Corporation (SLOEVC).

Business Retention and Expansion
Nurturing local businesses is one of the program's most important goals.  The Economic Development Manager can help identify resources for your growing business needs and connect you with local service providers.  We also offer site selection and site expansion assistance.
outdoor dinning

The Economic Development Manager assists new and existing businesses in finding sites for their business.  We work closely with the local real estate brokerage community, property owners and developers to help you find existing buildings or developable properties.

A local zoning map is available for viewing.

Site Selection
The City of San Luis Obispo assists companies with identifying available sites to locate in.  The City works closely with the local real estate brokerage community to provide the most up-to-date information on availability of sites. The City also has a land use inventory on available land sites, and on-going relationships with local developers and land owners.  The City has recently annexed expansion areas zoned for new business park and commercial expansion.

Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP)
In October 2012, the City Council adopted a strategic plan (EDSP) with four overarching areas:

  • Beak Down Barriers to Job Creation
  • Actively Support Knowledge & Innovation
  • Promote and Enhance the San Luis Obispo Quality of Life
  • Build on Existing Efforts and Strengthen Regional Partnerships

Development Review
The City of San Luis Obispo provides excellent customer service throughout the development process, and works closely with companies to ensure that project reviews are done in a timely manner. We are committed to working with businesses in an expeditious manner on planning, zoning, and permitting issues.  One way we accomplish this is through the Quick Response Team (QRT), coordinated by the Community Development Department.  This group of key City staff is assembled to provide feedback and solutions throughout the development review process.

City Utilities
The City’s Utilities Department has detailed information regarding water supply, conservation, recycling, and sewer information.

Interestingly, in addition to City provided utilities, several transcontinental fiber optic line landing points are located close to the city limits.  Telecommunications companies operate critical facilities in San Luis Obispo and connectivity is high-speed.

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