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Summary of Jennifer Lynn Myrick Law:  AB 2533

Government Code Ch. 659 effective January 1, 2005


Sign Requirements:


  • A SIGN must be posted by the owner of an unreinforced masonry building by January 1, 2005 and must be of the specified form and language.

  • If an owner has already posted the 5 x 7 size sign on or before Dec 31, 2004, that sign is sufficient.  If the owner has not complied with the sign requirement by Dec. 31, 2004, new sign requirements apply, namely, the size is increased to at least 8 x 10 and must include larger letters as prescribed.


"Earthquake Warning: (at least 50 pt. bold type)

This is an unreinforced masonry building.

You may not be safe inside or near unreinforced
masonry buildings during an earthquake." (at least 30 pt.)


  • Failure to post the sign may lead to penalties and/or injunctive relief:

1. The City may impose a fine of $250.00 fifteen days after the City notifies the owner that the owner is subject to the fine;

2. Thirty days after the first fine, the owner may be subject to an additional fine of $1000.00 for non compliance.

3. If the owner still fails to post the required sign, any person my seek relief in court subject to certain requirements.


Earthquake Warning Sign

dot Download a sign by clicking above


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