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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are just a sampling of the wide range of frequently asked questions answered in each of the City's departments' FAQs sections.


  • Who "runs" the City of San Luis Obispo?
  • Does the City have any special goals and priorities, and, if so, what are they?
  • How can I get more involved in my City government?

Administration - Economic Development

  • What is economic development?
  • How can I find out more about expanding or relocating in San Luis Obispo?

Administration - Natural Resources

  • Why does the City of San Luis Obispo have a Natural Resources Program?
  • What does it accomplish?

Administration - Special Activities

  • What control does the City have over cable television rates and programming?
  • How can my organization become eligible for a cultural grant?

City Attorney

  • Does your office defend people in court who are charged with criminal violations?
  • Will your office answer simple legal questions for the citizens of San Luis Obispo?

City Clerk

  • Can I get copies of birth, marriage or death certificates from the City Clerk?
  • How can I find out what matters are being considered by the City Council?
  • How often does the City Council meet?


  • We hardly ever have fires any more.   What do Firefighters actually do?


  • How can I start/stop water and sewer service?
  • Who can I contact with questions about water leaks, low water pressure and/or water quality?
  • How do I obtain a business license and tax certificate?
  • How do I obtain a home occupation permit?

Human Resources

  • Can I send in a copy of my resume or an application for Human Resources to keep on file for the next recruitment?

Parks and Recreation

  • What indoor facilities does the City rent?
  • How do I make a facility reservation?
  • During what months can the Jack House Gardens be scheduled?
  • How and where can I display a banner in the City?
  • How can I reserve a park or Mission Plaza for a special event?

Public Works

  • What flood zone am I in?
  • How do I find out about flood information?
  • How can I contact animal control?
  • Where can I get a printed map of the City?
  • Where can I get a topographic map of the City or of a specific parcel or area?
  • How do I report a problem with a traffic signal?
  • Will the City trim trees on request?


  • What is the City's source of water?
  • What is the total capacity of source water when both reservoirs are full?

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