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Fire Department

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            fax number - 805-543-8019
About the Department


There are fifty-five full time employees of the San Luis Obispo City Fire Department. Forty-five are firefighters with emergency response capabilities. There are thirteen Captains, fifteen Engineers, and twelve Firefighters.  The remaining eleven of these are administrative and fire prevention bureau personnel along with one mechanic.

Programs - The Fire Department has five programs.


The Fire Administration Program directs and evaluates all fire department programs and their activities.

Program goals are:

  • Responsive, effective and efficient fire department programs.
  • Well-planned long-term improvements to the fire department facilities, equipment and organization

Emergency OperationsFirefighters with a burning mobile home

The emergency response program protects life and property by responding to medical emergencies, fires, hazardous materials incidents, and other emergencies. Program goals are:

  • Timely responses to emergency calls (4 minutes for all responses)
  • No loss of life from reported emergencies 
  • Minimal property damage from reported emergencies. 

Fire Prevention and Life Safety

The Hazard Prevention Program prevents injury and loss to life, property and the environment caused by fire, explosion or exposure to hazardous materials.

Program goals include:

  • Eliminating fire hazards and investigating fires in buildings, equipment and properties
  • Safely handling and containing all hazardous materials.
  • Broadening public awareness about the dangers of fire and hazardous materials.

The Life Safety program has two focuses:

  • Ensures that City forces can provide appropriate relief and rescue services following major disasters like earthquakes, floods, nuclear power plant accidents, hazardous materials spills, and wildland fires.
  • Provides disaster preparedness education and training to the general public.

Program goals are:

  • Well-trained disaster response employees
  • Up-to-date disaster response plans
  • City facilities equipped with disaster response supplies and equipment
  • Disaster-prepared residents and businesses

Training and Equipment

The fire training program schedules and coordinates both in-house and outside training for fire department staff. The program also works to maintain and improve the health fitness of fire department employees. The overall program goal is to provide and support highly qualified, well-trained, healthy and fit employees.

Support Services

fire stationThe technical services program manages and maintains the City's four fire station facilities, their grounds and miscellaneous related equipment, and furnishings. The program goal is attractive, safe and energy-efficient fire stations.

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