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Fire Department

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The Fire Administration Program directs and evaluates all fire department programs and their activities.

Program goals are:

  • Responsive, effective and efficient fire department programs.
  • Well-planned long-term improvements to the fire department facilities, equipment and organization

Code of Ethics

Fire Master Plan

The completion of master plans for major city services is important and something that our community has engaged in over the years and, in some cases, fairly regularly.  While the Fire Department has completed internal plans, staff cannot recall a time when a fire service master plan has been presented to the City Council.  Therefore, as part of the 2007-09 Financial Plan, Council identified the development of a Fire Department master plan as a component of its Public Safety major City goal.  Such a plan is to serve four main purposes: 

1.  Assist the Fire Department as it plans and moves into the future.

2.  Provide for periodic evaluations on organizational effectiveness.

3.  Educate the community, fire department leadership, and elected officials on fire service needs and service level objectives.

4.  Validate the level of professionalism within the organization and, ultimately, comparing our Department to the accepted practices of the fire service in general.

Preparing this master plan has been done in a collaborative fashion.  An evaluation team composed of representatives from Administration, Police Department, Community Development, Fire Union and Fire Department reviewed all consultant proposals, which responded to an RFP issued in March 2008.   The panel reached a unanimous decision and a contract was awarded July 10, 2008 to Citygate Associates, LLC. 

Data collection began shortly thereafter from all areas of the Fire Department.  The Planning Department, GIS, and Police Department communications were very involved in securing incident time-measurement statistics, map analysis, and future build-out projections.  The plan itself consists of three volumes and was presented to the Council February, 2009. Here are the hyperlinks for each volume.

Volume 1 - Main Report

Volume 2 - Map Atlas

Volume 3 - Statistical Appendix

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

 The 2014 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP) is an update to the City of San Luis Obispoís 2006 LHMP. The plan consists of eight sections, community profile, planning process, risk assessment, vulnerability assessment, capability assessment, mitigation strategy and plan maintenance process. Additionally, the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 planning requirements are identified in their appropriate sections throughout the LHMP. The 2014 LHMP was approved by FEMA October 7, 2014 for a period of five years. Here is the hyperlink for the LHMP.


City of San Luis Obispo Local Hazard Mitigation Plan


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