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Firefighters Slate and MacDonald with School GroupAll these programs and others allow our citizens to see inside their fire department and have an understanding of the modern fire service. We know that by passing along the experiences we see daily in a positive manner makes this a more fire safe community and increases better outcomes in medical and other emergencies. We believe a safety educated community is a better community.

Station Tours

These Station One (headquarters) tours are for ages eight and above and for groups of eight or larger. Tours generally include a video about the fire department and proceed on to looking at the fire engines and the station. Group tours are normally available on Thursday and an advanced reservation is required.

Pre-School & Elementary School Site Visits
Firefighter with childrenFor ages under eight years of age we have found due to short attention spans, our message is better delivered in their school settings. We have developed a 20-30 minute program tailored to their age which is brought to their location by on-duty engine crews. The kids love seeing the fire engine show up and the Firefighters enjoy sharing their experiences with the bright faced children. Children and their parents are introduced to the crew and are taught:

  • Use of 9-1-1
  • Safety in the home
  • Pots and pans on the stove
  • Smoke detector use
  • Home evacuation with a home safety plan
  • Wave when you see a Firefighter
  • “Stop, Drop and Roll” technique
  • Matches are tools ... not toys

We show them a Firefighter in full turnouts and breathing apparatus so the children know what Firefighters look and sound like in the event of a fire. Many children hide from Firefighters during fires due to the strange sounds coming from their breathing apparatus. The program for younger children is proving to hold their interest and can be reinforced by parents and teachers.

Safety Talks for Adults
Another format for getting out the Public Outreach message is at home and business safety talks.   Many businesses call and make an appointment for a fire engine crew to come and give a short safety talk for their employees.  Fire extinguisher classes and demonstrations are very popular also.

Course Locations
You will see us throughout the community and as we educate the children and adults during our visits. Please feel free to wave at us or ask us a question. Our station locations are:

  • Fire Station One - 2160 Santa Barbara Ave.
  • Fire Station Two - 136 No. Chorro
  • Fire Station Three - 1280 Laurel Lane
  • Fire Station Four - 1395 Madonna Road

How To Sign Up
To establish a PUBLIC OUTREACH Program described above, please call the Fire Department at (805) 781-7399. Please leave a message if no one answers and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

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