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Train as though your life depends on it… BECAUSE IT DOES!

The Fire Department’s Training Division provides training for fire department staff.  The Training Division offers both in house and outside training that is required for firefighters who operate in hazardous environments.  Annual required training covers many areas and subjects including: structural and wildland firefighting, hazardous materials incidents, medical and rescue emergencies, mass-casualty incidents.  Training is required for all tasks that are considered hazardous.  Targeted subjects of importance are those tasks that are considered “high-risk/low-frequency”.   

Photo of trainingThe Training Officer, who holds the rank of Battalion Chief, administers the Department’s training program.  The Training Liaison Officer (TLO) facilitates training for their platoon; one TLO is assigned to each of the three platoons.  The Fire Department employs professional firefighters who possess a wide range of knowledge and experience, this valuable resource is utilized daily within the Training Division.  Experienced personnel are encouraged to teach classes that serve to benefit all personnel.  

Photo of trainingThe Training Division conducts a 10-week fire academy when new firefighters are hired.  New recruits are taught the basic principles of firefighting and other aspects of the job, with an emphasis on department specific policies and operating procedures.  

Promotions go hand-in-hand with the hiring of new firefighters; the Training Division assists with the promotional process in the area of career development.  Classes are offered to prepare interested personnel to promote through the ranks of Driver/Operator, Captain, Battalion Chief and Fire Chief.  

Cooperation with the County Training Officer’s Association has proven beneficial to the Training Division; a pooling of resources countywide provides more training opportunities, which benefit the Department.  

Accident sceneThe Fire Department offers its citizens paramedic service; at least one licensed paramedic is available on each fire engine and rescue squad.  Training for paramedics is ongoing and required by State and Local authorities.  The Fire Department employs five Paramedic Field Training Officers who assist the Training Division with continuing education.  These training officers network countywide with other agencies and are members of the County’s Emergency Medical Services Agency.  

Accident sceneThe Training Division’s overall goal is to provide our highly qualified firefighters with the training necessary to do their job safely and efficiently, carrying out the Fire Department’s Mission. 




Multi Company Exercise and Fire Drill at KSBY

Collaborate effort with one Engine & Tiller from the San Luis Obispo City Fire Department and one Engine from County Fire Station 21

March 21, 2012

KSBY Building Smoke in building Employees evacuating Firefighter climbing the ladder Tiller Firefighters arriving County Fire Engine Tiller Firefighter Firefighters Group picture

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