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Department of Human Resources

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Advisory Bodies

Personnel Board

The City’s Personnel Board provides a forum for airing both sides of unresolved employee grievances and disciplinary matters with its recommendations forwarded to the City Council.

Meetings are held at City Hall when personnel issues arise.

The five members of the Personnel Board are appointed for terms of four years and serve at the pleasure of the Council. Current members are Angie King, Rebecca Ellis, Garry Poe, Phillip Ruggles, and Carol Sexton.

Human Relations Commission

The Human Relations Commission advises the Council in creating an environment within the City in which all persons can enjoy equal rights and opportunities regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, physical, mental or economic status.  The Commission makes recommendations to the Council or City Manager on how these social concerns and human needs can best be addressed.  It is desired and expected that specific functions of the HRC will change as solutions are found to specific problems or as times change and the needs and priorities of the community in this field evolve.

Functions of the Human Relations Commission are:

  • To promote mutual understanding and foster harmonious relations between persons and groups within the community, and provide a forum for residents to discuss problems relating to human rights and relations.
  • To receive and investigate complaints concerning community tensions and acts of discrimination, and cooperate with and assist other human services groups which have similar purposes.
  • To make recommendations to the Council when action is proposed as a means to insuring community cooperation and understanding.
  • To evaluate perceived inadequacies in human rights and services and to recommend possible action.
  • To review and evaluate all City-funding requests from groups which provide human services; to provide liaison to recipients of grants-in-aid monies, through personal contact and required activity and budget reports.
  • Such duties, including studies and research, as the Council deems necessary and appropriate and assigns to the Commission.
  • To oversee Homeless Shelter operations and help foster good relations between the Shelter and surrounding neighborhood.

Meetings of the Human Relations Commission are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm at City Hall/Council Hearing Room, located at 990 Palm Street.

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