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City Open Space

The City of San Luis Obispo operates 12 large (30-700 acres) open space lands that are available for passive recreation. These properties are managed through the framework of the following guidelines and procedures:

Open Space Element Goals
Provide open space, agricultural, and rural lands that meet the needs of present and future City populations.
Protect Resources (such as creeks, sensitive habitat, and agriculture) and be sensitive to the factors which allow these resources to remain viable.
Provide a greenbelt around the City's perimeter to: a) define the urban limit of San Luis Obispo; b) provide a physical separation between urban communities; c) protect important agricultural areas from urban uses and maintain agriculture as an economically viable activity.
Provide for passive recreation where such low intensity uses will not damage the resources that are being protected, and preserve lands as open space or parkland which serve as important linkages between other open space lands, parks, or trails.
Provide continuing community education that underscores the value of the area's cultural, scenic, and natural resources

Best Management Practices Guidelines for Open Space Lands of the City of San Luis Obispo

Conservation Guidelines for Open Space Lands


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