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Climbing Gym at Emerson Playground City of San Luis Obispo
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Playground Safety

The City of San Luis Obispo places a high value on safe playgrounds in park facilities. A certified playground safety inspector who has qualified by testing with the National Playground Safety Institute has audited all City playgrounds in compliance with the State of California Playground Safety Regulations.

A playground equipment replacement program was approved by Council during the 1999-2003 Capital Improvement Program and is revised every two years during the City’s budget process. Equipment is replaced based upon length of service, accessibility standards, and safety compliance.

All playgrounds are inspected regularly by maintenance staff. Parents can help by reporting any hazards to the Public Works Department, Parks Maintenance Division at 781-7220. Questions on playground safety can be directed to one of the certified playground safety inspectors with the City:

James Bremer, CPSI – Parks and Recreation Department 

Jeff Hendricks, CPSI – Public Works Dept, Parks Maintenance Division

Bridget Fraser, CPSI – Public Works Dept, Engineering Division

If you would like more information on public playground safety, visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website at A copy of Publication #325 - “Handbook on Public Playground Safety” is available for download at no cost and is one of the primary sources used in evaluating playgrounds for safety.

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