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Take a Virtual Tour on the Felsman Loop

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You are about to take you on a hike of the Felsman Loop on Bishop Peak, which is a 2.4 mile hike with mild terrain and some steep parts. Make sure you bring plenty of water and a lunch too, later we will show you a great place to have a picnic. So tie them boot laces tight for we are already at the trailhead, which is located off Patricia Drive, just past Patricia Court.


Gate to Bishop Peak Open Space


Slightly up the trail is the Bishop Peak Natural Reserve sign with several reminders of laws to obey while in the open space. These rules have been made to ensure everyone’s safety and future enjoyment of the resources while in the open space.





Felsman Loop Trail


Whew, what a climb that road was. In order to reach this Felsman Loop sign, continue to the end of the paved road and just to the right of the water tower is the trail.




Grove of trees in Bishop Peak Open Space



It sure is a lot cooler in this grove of trees.




Bridge over creek in Bishop Peak Open Space


Nice bridge.



Click here to take the rest of the Felsman Loop Virtual Tour

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