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Offense Categories reflected on Neighborhood Map:

 Alcohol: Typical alcohol violations includes driving under the influence, minors in possession of open containers, alcohol consumption in public and public intoxication.

 Assault: Typically this will include assaults where minor to moderate injuries take place or someone threatens to harm another.

 Vandalism: This violation could include physical damage to property like the breaking of a window or mailbox. It can also include acts of graffiti with paint, pens or other markings on public and private property.  

 Noisy Parties: These would be locations that officers/SNAP responded to for suspected noise violations. The icon does not represent that a noise violation was discovered. However, the call may have resulted in the issuance of a ticket, a disturbance advisement card or a negative violation where no violation existed at the time the police department arrived.

 Burglary: A burglary is categorized as an instance when a suspect enters into a building with the intent of committing a felony, such as stealing property. A burglary is a property crime and should not get confused with a robbery (a person crime), which is the taking of property directly from a person with force or fear.

 Theft: This violation includes the taking of property. The theft may be in the form of a physical item such as property from a retail store or a potted plant from a front yard. Theft can also be in the form of crimes such as internet or credit card fraud.  




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