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Municipal Code Graffiti Summary

Municipal Code Graffiti Summary

17.17.075 Neighborhood preservation.


It shall be unlawful and a public nuisance for any person, firm or corporation, owning, leasing, occupying, or having possession of any private property in the city to maintain such property in such a manner that any of the following conditions are found to exist thereon:


F. Buildings, structures, or other surfaces upon which graffiti exists. Graffiti, as used in this chapter, shall mean defacement, damage, or destruction by the presence of paint, ink, chalk, dye, or other similar substance; or by carving, etching, or other engraving.

17.17.080 Prohibited acts.


A. Unlawful Acts. It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation that owns, occupies or controls property in the city of San Luis Obispo to maintain or fail to maintain such property in violation of Sections 17.17.040, 17.17.050, 17.17.060 or 17.17.070 of this chapter for more than seventy-two hours.


B. Type of Offense. Any person who violates Sections 17.17.040, 17.17.050, 17.17.060, 17.17.070, or 17.17.075 of this chapter shall be guilty of an infraction. Violations shall be punishable as set forth in Chapter 1.12 of the San Luis Obispo Municipal Code. Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed or constituted to prevent the city from commencing any civil proceeding otherwise authorized by law for the declaration or abatement of a public nuisance. (Ord. 1412  2 (part), 2002: Ord. 1277  2 Ex. A, 1995)