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Neighborhood Officer Program

The City of San Luis Obispo Police Department has created a Neighborhood Officer Program that divides the city into 13 distinct neighborhoods.  The objective of the Neighborhood Officer Program is to identify community issues, concerns, problems and crime trends which have long term quality of life issues.

The Neighborhood Officer will act as a liaison between the Police Department, the community, and a variety of city agencies.

The Neighborhood Officer will also:

  • Assist with public education, crime prevention, and neighborhood specific problems and help with coordination of other city services

  • Be expected to seek out and identify issues, with solutions, within their assigned neighborhood

  • Track neighborhood problems and crimes that affect the overall quality of life in a neighborhood and require repeated patrol response.

If you have a crime to report call your Emergency Communications Center at 781-7317, option 2 or in the event of an Emergency dial 9-1-1.  

View the map for more information.



Neighborhood Statistics

As an additional resource to the Neighborhood Officer Program this map identifies reported offenses (by month) that are of high interest to our citizens.  The seven categories of offenses shown are:

  • Alcohol
  • Vandalism
  • Assaults
  • Sexual Assaults
  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Noisy Parties

Click here for a description of each category

The statistics shown are captured after the reports are processed and reviewed.  Therefore, the statistics will be posted as historic information. Example: In December all of October’s statistics for the above categories will be plotted to the neighborhoods.  These are specific categories and therefore the map will not reflect all other offenses reported. Click here to view archived data. 



Daily Activity Log

If you are looking for more detailed daily activity from our dispatch log click on the below link.  This is an interactive crime map provided by The Tribune newspaper. 

 The Tribune Crime Map


Charter California Edition Coverage of the program:




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