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Enhancing Homeland Security Locally

Attorney General John Ashcroft has called for a rebirth of Neighborhood Watch programs across the country as a way of augmenting the fight against terrorism. In keeping with the request of the Attorney General, the San Luis Obispo Police Department provides hard copy Neighborhood Watch posters in our lobby that contain all the information needed to begin and maintain your own Neighborhood Watch program. Now the two-sided poster is available on-line so you can download the information and get started right away.

How do I start?
Download the mini poster (at the bottom of this page) and review the material on the back. The success of Neighborhood Watch is simple: get to know your neighbors! Start with your house as the center and then begin by calling or visiting your neighbors around you.

  • Tell your neighbors you want to start a Neighborhood Watch program and set a date and time to meet at your house. Begin simply by choosing those neighbors who can be identified and fill in their information in the blanks on the poster's reverse side.
  • Invite your neighbors in and complete the posters together. This allows you to meet new people, share concerns, and follow the easy guidelines on the back of the poster for calling police.
  • Display your poster in a window visible from the street. This tells everyone that you care about your community and that you will alert authorities about suspicious behavior.
  • One person may be designated as a Block Captain. This person helps by supplying posters to new people who move into the neighborhood and makes sure poster information is kept current.

OK, I got my posters done, now what?
You run this program! The San Luis Obispo Police Department provides crime prevention tips in the Crime Prevention section of our website under Prints & Posters. Go to the Prints & Posters section and download the one page handouts on whatever item meets your neighborhoods need then distribute them to your group. Everything from burglary to blight prevention is available to you on this website, along with our helpful links to law enforcement sites and the National Crime Prevention Councilís Citizensí Preparedness Guide.

What if I have questions?
Simply call the Office of Neighborhood Services in the Operations Division of the Police Department at 805.781.7317 and ask! We will be happy to provide support. Now the rest is up to you.

Neighborhood Watch mini-poster

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