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Measure Y: Your 1/2 cent Sales tax


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Measure "Y" Hard at Work!

Watch for this sign...

The Measure "Y" 1/2-cent sales tax passed with 65% of the voter approval in November 2006 and was adopted in April 2007. Measure "Y" contains a sunset provision meaning that it will expire on March 31, 2015 unless reauthorized by the voters at a general election prior to that time. If the voters do not reauthorize Measure Y, the 1/2-cent additional sales tax would no longer be collected by retailers in the City of San Luis Obispo beginning April 1, 2015.

The added revenue from Measure "Y" supports major improvements in the key areas our community expressed concerns about:

  • Improving public safety service levels, with an initial emphasis in police services on neighborhood patrols and traffic safety; and in fire services on prevention and training.
  • Restoring the neighborhood street paving program and catching up on deferred street maintenance.
  • Reducing and managing traffic congestion.
  • Improving flood protection, including silt removal in our creeks and better maintenance of storm drains.
  • Enhancing senior services, including remodeling the existing Senior Center and planning ahead for the future.
  • Strengthening neighborhood code enforcement by adding a code enforcement officer and expanding the "SNAP" program.
  • Restoring funding for open space preservation.


Public Works Projects
Roughly 67% of the Measure "Y" monies are distributed to projects and programs implemented by the Public Works Department. This funding has helped support an ambitious Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and with completed projects such as the Senior Center remodel, storm drain replacements, numerous roadway improvements, parks and playground improvements, creek bank stabilizations, and bike trails, the City is making significant progress in meeting a number of its goals. Additionally, many more improvement projects are under construction, in design or in the planning stages!

Infrastructure Maintenance 42.5% Open Space Preservation 2.3% Public Safety 26.4% Neighborhood Wellness 4.7% Maintenance Services 18.7% Traffic Congestion Relief 5.4%
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