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The following Public Works documents are currently available for online viewing or downloading, free of charge. More documents may be added as they become available. User must read and understand disclaimer before downloading or viewing.

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Bicycle Transportation Plan

City Bike Map

Bicycle Program Accomplishments are presented in the following reports and project announcements:

City plans with a relationship to the Bicycle Transportation Plan

The Railroad Safety Trail (RRST) and Bob Jones City-to-Sea Trail are major Class I bicycle trails in the City of San Luis Obispo's Bicycle Plan. Due to their complexity, they are covered in the Bicycle Transportation Plan in an outline format. The following documents provide a complete vision of the proposed trails. (Due to file size, files of the component pieces are listed as well as the complete document files. All are Adobe .pdf format.)

RailRoad Safety Trail (pdf)

Bob Jones City-to-Sea Trail (pdf)

• RRST complete (21.3Mb) • Bob Jones complete (49Mb)
• RRST Table of Contents(472kb) • Bob Jones Table of Contents (515kb)
• RRST Section 1 (126kb) • Bob Jones Section 1 (126kb)
• RRST Section 2 (3.5Mb) • Bob Jones Pgs. 2.1 - 2.5 (205kb)
• RRST Appendix a, cost (7.8Mb) • Bob Jones Pgs. 2.6 - 2.7(2.6Mb)
• RRST Appendix b, plans (4.2Mb) • Bob Jones Pgs. 2.8 - 2.9 (2.5Mb)
• RRST Appendix c (2Mb) • Bob Jones Pgs. 2.10 - 2.12 (5.2Mb)
• RRST Appendix d and e (3.8Mb) • Bob Jones Pgs. 2.13 - 2.14 (2.1Mb)
  • Bob Jones Pgs 2.15 - 2.27 (8.0Mb)
• 2008 Status Update Poster (3Mb jpg) • Bob Jones Pgs 2.28 - 2.35 (944kb)
  • Bob Jones Appendices: A, B (4.7Mb)
  • Bob Jones Appendix: C (151kb)
  • Bob Jones Appendix:D, no map(151kb)
  • Appendix D:segment 1 map (2.25Mb)
  • Appendix D:segment 2 map (2.25Mb)
  • Appendix D:segment 3, 4maps (9.2Mb)
  • Appendix D:segment 4, 3maps (6.4Mb)
  • Bob Jones Appendix: E (147kb)
  • Simple alignment graphic (88kb)

Bicycle Friendly Community
The City of SLO was awarded a "Silver" level Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) status by The League of American Bicyclists in 2007 and 2011.  The BFC program offers national recognition for communities that actively support bicycling.

Bicycle Counts
Beginning in 1996, the City of San Luis Obispo instituted a program of counting bicycle traffic at various street intersections throughout the community. The survey is done every two years to note overall use, trends and to examine needs.


Bicycling Education and Facilities
The City contracts with the San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition (SLOCBC) to provide bicycling education classes and materials.

The City uses "Sharrows" (Shared Roadway Bicycle Marking legend) on streets where bike lanes are not provided and where curb lanes are too narrow for motorists and cyclists to travel side by side within the lane. They can be found on Monterey Street between Santa Rosa and Buena Vista Streets, Industrial and Capitolio Ways, and Broad Street between Higuera and High Streets. The "Cyclists Ride Here" brochure explains how these are used. For more questions, see the Public Works FAQs page.

Bicycle Parking - The City sponsors a bicycle rack donation program. For more information, click the following link:

A City map and general guide for bicyclists is available here:

Bicycle Advisory Committee
The Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) provides oversight and policy direction on matters related to bicycle transportation in San Luis Obispo and its relationship to bicycling outside the city. The BAC has seven members and generally meets the third Thursday of the month (January, March, May, July, September, November), at 7p.m. in the Council Hearing Room, City Hall. Meeting notification, agendas and minutes may be found by clicking here.

Bicycle Registration
The City of San Luis Obispo Police Department maintains a voluntary Bicycle Registration Program. For details, visit the following City web page: SLO PD Bicycle Registration


Creek and Storm

FEMA Flood Zone Documents


Engineering and Construction


Street Sweeping
To navigate easily to our Street Sweeping schedule, click here.


Traffic and Transportation



Master Street Tree List
This is a listing of trees acceptable for planting along city streets. It gives botanical as well as common names, indicates what zone/s the tree is allowable in and shows if it is fall coloring, flowering or evergreen. It also suggests some trees which are appropriate for planting in Commemorative Grove at Laguna Park.

View online  (23k)

Online documents are available for public use and are to the best of the City’s knowledge accurate copies of the current City files. The City does not accept responsibility for damage to files resulting from downloading process or diskette failure. NO revisions may be made to City documents. The City Standards are approved for use within the City of San Luis Obispo for the purpose for which they were designed. Any other use should be reviewed and approved by a registered engineer. If a Standard is in any way modified, the Standard number and City Standard border shall be removed before use so that resulting details are not confused with official City Standards. Persons making these and other such revisions shall accept full responsibility for resulting design.

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