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San Luis Obispo Water & Sewer  Billing Information

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Standard Billing Information Billing Adjustments & Updates
· Water Rates/Structure
· Sewer Rates
· Winter Water Use Schedule
Account Set-up Fees
Billing Procedures and  Payment
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· Industrial Users Fee
Other Fees & Charges

Low Income Assistance Program
· Rate Review & Increases

· Utility Billing Adjustment Committee

For more information or to stop, start or change your water and sewer service, click here, or call 781-7133, or fill out an online billing request form. You can also sign up for auto pay by filling out this form. For more questions about your bill, email
Current Water Rates
Effective 7/1/14

The City’s monthly charge per billing unit:
(1 unit = 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons)

All Customers

Inside City 

Outside City 

0 to 8 units $6.92 $13.84
9+ units $8.65 $17.30
Base fee $5.28 $10.56
New rate structure will be reflected on customer water billings after the first complete billing cycle after the July 1st effective date.

A 5% utility users tax is applied to the water portion of the bill.

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Current Sewer Rates
Effective 7/1/14

Billed every month, the City’s monthly charge is:

Type of Building


Single Family Residence  (includes single metered condo’s and townhouses)

Minimum charge: $7.96 per dwelling unit
Volume charge per unit:

Total monthly fee capped based on average winter water consumption (AWWC)


Multi-family dwellings in any duplex, apartment house, or rooming house

Minimum charge: $7.96 per account
Volume charge per unit: $8.77

Accounts without separate irrigation meter:
Total monthly fee capped based on AWWC

Accounts with separate irrigation meter:
No cap


Mobile home or
trailer park 

Minimum charge: $7.96 per account
Volume charge per unit: $8.77

Accounts without separate irrigation meter:
Total monthly fee capped based on AWWC

Accounts with separate irrigation meter:
No cap



All Other Accounts

including schools

Minimum charge: $7.96 per account
Volume charge per unit: $8.77







How to calculate your sewer bill using the sewer billing cap methodology:

Let’s assume your winter water usages were as follows: 

December billing period

7 units

January billing period

5 units

February billing period

6 units

Average  winter water usage would equal 6 units which means your annual sewer cap starting in July equals "6".

In the above example, on your August bill, the following sewer charges would appear:

Sewer base fee

$ 7.96


Sewer volume fee


(sewer cap of "6" x $8.77)




If you use more than 6 units of water in any given billing period, your bill for sewer will be “capped” at the 6 units as shown above.  If you use less than the cap amount (6 units), you will be billed in a similar manner, but only for the amount that you use.  Example: if you use 5 units of water, you would be billed as follows:

Sewer base fee

$ 7.96


Sewer volume fee


(actual usage: "5" x $8.77




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Account Set-up Fees

To initiate or discontinue water and sewer services, please contact the City’s Finance Department, Utility Billing, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (except holidays) at (805) 781-7133. The following charges apply:

Regular account set-up fee:   $60.00 (applied to your first bill)

Same day service fee:  $179.00 

After hours account set-up fee: (after 4:00 p.m.; before 8:00 a.m.; weekends & holidays; non-scheduled work days)  $255.00 

Unlimited annual account set-up fee:   $1,017.00

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Billing Procedures and Payment
Bills are sent out monthly, are due and payable upon presentation and payment must be received before the due date. Accounts are assessed a late charge the day after the due date. The monthly late charge is $15 or 1.5% of the unpaid balance, whichever is greater. A customer's water service may be discontinued if a bill is not paid on or before thirty days from the date of presentation. "Date of presentation shall be the billing date as referenced on the billing statement. Payments on closed accounts are due 30 days from the closing date. A reminder notice with the late fee assessed will be mailed to the customer. Payments must be received prior to 2 p.m. on the last working day before the noticed shut off. Please do not use the payment drop box for accounts subject to shut off.

For your convenience, payment drop boxes are located at:

  • City Hall, 990 Palm, bottom of the front steps, next to the to the City bulletin board.
  • The Parking Office located at 1260 Chorro Street.

Please do not deposit cash in the payment drop box. Payments from payment drop boxes are posted to the account the following work day. Payments made by mail are posted to accounts daily by 3 p.m.

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Online Access

Online Utility Billing and Payment is Available Now!

Access your account

Water and sewer customers have the option to access water and sewer account information online. We are committed to providing the highest level of service possible and are pleased to provide customers with the option to:
  • Make water and sewer bill payments online as needed, or
  • Sign up for monthly utility bills to be paid automatically from a debit or credit card
  • View and compare water use and account transaction history
  • Sign up for water and sewer service

Paying your water and sewer bill has never been easier!

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Industrial Users Fee
The City is required by the state to implement a Pretreatment Program to protect the Water Reclamation Facility from non-domestic wastes that may upset or inhibit the treatment plant’s processes. The program requires inspection, sampling, documentation and public education of industrial users who may handle or discharge non-domestic wastes.

The program receives about 35% of its revenues from industrial users fees while the other 65% comes from the sewer fund. The following charges are billed every month and are included on your water/sewer bill:




Class I $309.00 a year Automotive repair, Photo processor
Class II $166.00 a year Restaurant, Bakery
Significant Industrial User $1611.00 a year Chemical manufacturing,
Industrial User Re-inspection $74.00 Per Inspection

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Other Fees & Charges

Returned Check:  $25.00

Disconnect Service for non-payment:  $97.00

Retire Service:  $494.00 for two inch meters, or less

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Low Income Assistance Program
Low Income Assistance Form

The City has a Low Income Assistance Program that consists of three tiers as described below:

Rate Assistance
The Rate Assistance Program is administered with the same guidelines used by other utility companies (gas, phone and electric). There is a 15% reduction of the standard rate for water and sewer. For qualified customers, documented eligibility in one of the following programs is: Aid for Families with Children (AFDC), Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI), and/or Food Stamps.

Payment Assistance
Salvation Army and St. Vincent De Paul Society offer assistance. Customers are eligible once, to have one billing period paid depending on the availability of funds. However, customers are responsible for late charges and restoration fees.

Water Efficiency Assistance
Utilities Conservation staff provides customers receiving either Rate Assistance or Payment Assistance with free information and water audit services to help control the cost of their water bills. If you have discovered a leak(s) and have made the necessary repairs, or have had an unusual event that has caused higher than normal water use, the UBAC will review your account for a possible adjustment. Click here for more information.

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Rate Review & Increases

Water and sewer services are operated as an enterprise fund which means revenues to support operations and capital improvements must be born by the rate payer. Water and sewer funds are reviewed annually by the City Council at a public hearing. Upon completion of the review, Council then determines the appropriate rate for service. Traditionally, if rate increases are needed, they are implemented at the beginning of the new fiscal year, July 1st, and all rates are prorated accordingly.

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