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The water customer service program is responsible for accurately measuring water delivered through the distribution system to the City’s 13,000 customers.

The major goals for Customer Service are to:

1) accurately measure the amount of water which passes through the customer water meters, and

2) schedule and perform meter reads which will generate timely and regular water billings.

To accomplish these goals, the program has three major objectives:

  • Water Meter Reading. Read approximately 6,250 water meters each month, investigate abnormal readings (high and low), start and stop water service, and maintain access to water meters (Know Your Meter Box!).
  • Meter replacement and maintenance. Replace all obsolete meters over a seven year period to conserve water and accurately measure water use for billing purposes; replace meters on a 20 year replacement schedule to ensure proper operation, and repair meter leaks as necessary.
  • Compound meter testing and repair. Maintain large commercial meters and contract services for the testing and repair on a four-year schedule.
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Meter Reading

The Water customer service program is responsible for the following:

  • Read approximately 6,250 water meters monthly as part of the City’s monthly billing process
  • Repair water meter leaks
  • Replace obsolete, old and damaged water meters
  • Test and repair of compound meters
  • Starting and discontinue water service (turn-on and offs)
  • Discontinue and restore service for non-payment

The program is achieving the work objectives with the assistance of the water distribution maintenance staff during peak work load periods.
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Know Your Meter Box!

To the right is a schematic drawing of your water meter. It may differ in small details from your installation.

Know Your Meter Box 1 Shows the customer’s valve, installed by the building’s contractor. This is the valve you should use when shutting of the water for repairs and remodeling.

2 Shows the City valve. It is City property. It should never be operated by the customer.

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