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  • SLO Transit Manager Given Recognition at American Public Transit Association (APTA)Once every three years the American Public Transit Association (APTA) holds an expo in conjunction with one of its annual meetings; as was the case in 2014. The Expo is public transit's premier showcase of transit related technology, products and services. The event is attended by over 17,000 industry peers who are there to see over 750 global exhibitors showcasing the latest transit technology.   This year’s expo featured a wide variety of transit products and services, including demonstrations featuring virtual reality buss training simulators, that will help the transit industry propel itself in the 21st century.As the premier event for the transit industry, APTA recognized San Luis Obispo Transit Manager, Gamaliel Anguiano, this year for his submission to the Innovative Challenge.   The Innovative Challenge recognizes the top ten transit-related submissions in technology that are significant, innovative and feasible enough to be implemented.  With a little luck, his submission may one day be featured at an upcoming APTA Expo.  To learn more about the APTA Expo, click here.
  • Neighborhood Officers - The Neighborhood Officer Program is in full swing at the Police Department. The Neighborhood Officers and Neighborhood Services Specialists were able to make contact with over 120 residents in the Alta Vista, Monterey Heights and the College Highlands neighborhoods during the recent neighborhood walks (see Tribune article for full details The information regarding City municipal codes was well received and the neighborhood walks will continue to take place annually in each neighborhood.  In addition to the neighborhood walks currently taking place with the Neighborhood Services Specialists, Neighborhood Officers have helped make a positive impact in several areas in San Luis Obispo in the past several months. The greatest benefit with the program lies with residents being able to directly contact their Neighborhood Officers with ongoing neighborhood challenges. To date, the Neighborhood Officers have assisted with noise and animal noise issues, parking and traffic concerns, camping and panhandling, smoking issues, and trespassing and vandalism problems at Santa Rosa Park. Additionally, Neighborhood Officers have connected many residents to the SLO Solutions (free) mediation service to further help with disputes and challenges in the neighborhoods

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